Tuesday, 1 January 2013

New year...new wardrobe?

Happy New Year everyone and thanks so much to anyone who has taken the time to read or comment on my ramblings, it means so much and  I wish you all a fabulous 2013!

I've spent the time after Christmas slouching around in leggings and baggy tops to hide the Christmas bloat re-wearing outfits past, I thought I'd spare you the pictures, suffice to say Atlantic Pacific isn't having sleepless nights about having a style competitor!

But with a new year comes a new start. My challenge definitely made me experiment with different looks but it really hasn't made it any easier to get dressed in the morning. Without a go-to uniform I'm kind of lost. In many ways it's harder than before my Fifty outfits in fifty days. Then I just grabbed the boot-cuts and v-neck and I was away. Now I seem to leave a trail of rejected clothes on the bedroom floor every time I get dressed, it's like being a teenager again (but without the pert butt and peachy complexion).

So my new challenge is to figure out which of my fifty outfits worked and which definitely didn't. Then using those styles I'm going to try and put together a...brace yourself for annoying fashion-y term...capsule wardrobe of items that all go together and that I can mix and match into easy outfits for every day. Hopefully I'll use lots of my old clothes topped up with some new essentials ( well, maybe not strictly essential but the sales are on.....)

Fifty outfits in fifty days ...did any of them work?

So this is what I think (but feel free to contradict me because I really am stumbling on blindly here):

Simple lines work better on my small proportions, too much layering or overdoing the big accessories can swamp me. Less is definitely more.

I love pointy midi heels but midi skirts make me look Mumsy and meh! 

Red in pictures looks good, even if it feels uncomfortably bright when I first put it on. So I am going to make a concerted effort to keep on wearing some colour (but I still love black and won't be leaving the dark side.)

The jeans that made my legs look longest were the straight legs-but even so I think prefer the skinnies. I love them turned up with pointy stilettos or long with ankle boots and topped with tailored jackets, trench coats or simple jumpers.

I like little jersey dresses with bikers and boots... in fact, annoyingly, many of the clothes I like the most are the ones I have borrowed from DD, such as the biker jacket, the peg trousers and the blazer. I don't think they look particularly muttony (certainly not as muttony as the Anglomania dress which is mine all mine) so I'm going to be more open to fashion trends and find ways they can work when you're the far side of forty.

Oh, and of course I may well keep dipping into the DDs' wardrobes!

What do you think? Which outfits do you hate? The double denim and burgundy suede skirt are two of my least favourites and I'm not at all sure about the coatigan, it seems to magically mumsify everything it's worn with. I don't think they'll be making the cut into my New Year capsule wardrobe...but what will?


  1. Hi Jane - first of all, Happy 2013. I'm a bit late catching up on posts - had a couple of days of taking away all electronic toys away from the two boys and consequently had full days entertaining them and no time to catch up on blogs - it's been hard work! I think you've actually done quite a comprehensive summary and it's pretty much what I think as well. I decided to do it by memory as to why I liked something and what stuck in my mind. You look great in the shorter dresses (Jigsaw and aubergine Boohoo one) teamed with a biker. You have great slim legs - work them girl. Not desperately keen on the suede skirt as this is a little dated ... but hear me out - I have a couple of skirts which I love which are similar and I have put them away for when I think they will come in to their own again. I don't think I would wear something if I felt it wasn't the right look for the current mood so I have "parked" a number of my items from my wardrobe and I will bring them out when I think they feel "contemporary" again. I would keep stealing the DD's wardrobe - the peg leg pants look brilliant on you and to prevent cold ankle syndrome and if you want to spend some money in the sales - get one all singing all dancing pair of pointy mid courts. Actually get two (I love spending other people's money) nude and black. The nude will take you in to Spring Summer and will elongate the leg as well. I would definitely work on the simpler silhouettes as you're small like me. I love the Anlgomania coat - that lifts everything no end but I'm not so keen on the skirts with the full hems - they look a bit heavy on you as you are tiny. The dresses over Christmas look classy and suit you and are incredibly flattering and well done on you losing weight - I have no will power - just pigged out on the Thorntons :o( And although I love my boyfriend jeans and skinnies, I know they don't elongate my legs as much as a pair of straight legs and bootcuts but like you - gonna wear them anyway because they make me feel on trend. I don't always do what I should - I just do what I like and so should you at the end of the day - you look great. And I love the way you give me something to think about and discuss - like this post.

    1. Thanks so much for your comments Sue and Happy New Year! I think I'm going to take your advice about the shoes...hmmm which to buy, which to buy?
      I will definitely love reading Susie So So in 2013

  2. Great summary - I agree with a lot of what you've concluded yourself..the power of taking photos of your outfits!
    For me, it was about the colour and the lengths of your items. You suit the plum/red colours so well and you looked better in shorter skirts and jackets and fitted items that showed off your amazing figure. I agree with the coatigan conclusion and the midi skirt - oh an the large patterns - they swamped you too much. What I want to know is are you going to keep the blog up now? I do hope so, Avril x

    1. Definitely keeping on keeping on Avril! Thanks so much for the advice.I love School Gate Style, Im just planning an outfit featuring red for your red cross competition, great idea!
      Happy New Year